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Brave Pants with Vogue and the Viking

Aug 30, 2019

School holiday survival. We are still working on it, but essentially we need a holiday from the school holidays. Everyone is tired of each other's company and everyone is bored despite endless activities and snacks. So many snacks. 

We propose a Vogue and the Viking Holiday Resort. Who's in? 


Aug 23, 2019

Vix Scott, aka Vixstarella, is taking us on a journey around the world and back again to being an ex ex-pat. 

Topics covered:

Being "diagnosed" with twins

Being homesick for a foreign country

Adding even more children to the clan

Being the new girl wherever you go

Adjusting to being home again, but feeling like a...

Aug 8, 2019

Vogue just got back from holidays in the mountains and has practiced her Franglais. She talks "just in case" packing while the Viking believes in packing a "capsule" wardrobe (what even is that?!)

How do you prepare for going on holiday? 

Aug 3, 2019

LARA MILWARD, exercise guru extraordinaire talks about her highs and lows including: 

Adult PE

Cycling the length of Italy, running multiple marathons and climbing the Matterhorn for the Branson Family's Thrive charity

Finding her way out of some seriously low places I her youth

Smashing the glass mirror!