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Brave Pants with Vogue and the Viking

Jul 26, 2019

In this episode Vogue and the Viking talk about some of their own Brave Pants moments. They include going on public transport, giving birth and sliding down a very high pole in from of millions on tv. You know, the usual really. 

Jul 19, 2019

Listen to a starstruck Viking and a much cooler Vogue talk to ex GB rower and current women’s health practitioner BAZ MOFFATT about her Brave Pants moment - hint: it involves female genitalia - and how she manages to run a business whilst raising children and have a healthy relationship with her husband.


Jul 6, 2019

Find out who Vogue and the Viking are and what the Brave Pants podcast is all about. 

Spoiler alert: It is going to be all about women (mostly) putting on Brave Pants and doing stuff they have always wanted to do. 

In the series we will be having a good old natter with some fabulous women about their Brave Pants...